Q Where can I buy Gamester products online?
 A Click on the where to buy section for details of Gamester stockists

Q  I have lost my manual, can I get a replacement?
A  Most manuals are available to download online. Click on the product that you require the manual for and click on the icon. You will need Acrobat Reader, which is available free. Click on the link below.

Q. The manual I require is not available/ I can't download it
A. Contact the Gamester helpline on 0906 2130001 who will be able to provide a replacement

Q: How do I get my Sportsboard to work properly?
A: Make sure to read the Sportsboard manual before using. Firmly connect a gamepad to the Sportsboard base, and firmly connect the Sportsboard to your Playstation (or PS2). Check and make sure the Sportsboard is powered on (light on base will be lit). Set the function and sensitivity of the board to your preference and off you go!

Q. I can't get the product to work
A. Make sure your product is correctly connected. If you still have trouble contact the Gamester Helpline on 0906 2130001

Q My Light Gun doesn't work - what's wrong?
A: Check the product manual. Some TVs will not work with light gun technology - for example, HDTV, and projection TVs. If you are confident that your TV supports Light Guns but it is still not working contact the Gamester Helpline on 0906 2130001

Q: How do I get my console to work with the Gamester SCART cable?
A: Your TV will need to be set to take the signal from the SCART input. This is usually done by pressing the "AV" button on your remote control. Check your TV's manual for details.

Q.Who are Gamester?
A. Gamester is the World's most innovative console accessories brand and is owned by Radica Games Limited (NASDAQ: RADA) for more information on Radica visit  www.radicagames.com or www.radicauk.com



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